Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Gray Dress

The Gray Dress

So gray is one of the top fall colors, and it probably always will be.

This dress is absolutely wonderful because of the design on the collar, because it's such a cute pattern, and also requires minimal jewelry. I definately wouldn't wear a necklace with a dress like this. It also will accentuate your bust line without showing TOO much (because God forbid, we don't want THAT, do we?). The cinchy belt makes it much more desirable as well, becuase it will make you look more slim. I absolutely LOVE cinchy belts and think that they can add flair to almost ANY outfit; they're a great investment.

My fashion post =)

I haven't done one in a while because i've just been busy (as you know) but i love fashion posts and they're my favorite kind of post.

What's your favorite fall color?

What is your favorite accesory?

(Besides cinchy belts i LOVE berets for fall=] )


  1. Love, love, love the dress!!
    As a favourite fall color I got to go with a jewel tone green.