Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pride & Prejudice Experience + Tips

So i just finished Pride & Prejudice.... great experience. It was a wonderful to have a lead role (I was Mrs. Bennet) and experience that! I definately say that everyone should try for a play. Being in a play is great because performing is one of those things that give an adrenaline rush. Performing isn't for everyone, i mean some people have extreme stage fright they can't conquer. That's ok =)
I've never had stage fright, so i don't know how it feels.

Here are key things that you need as an actor for the stage(since i know nothing about screen acting)
  • Have a clear voice, use enunciation, and make sure not to talk too fast! <--- Is one of my problems; i can talk loud and project, BUT i speak fast out of nervousness and that looses the enunciation.
  • Make sure you don't turn too much away from the audience while onstage. You loose some of your lines, because sometimes when the audience can't see your face, they can't hear what you say.
  • THE BIGGEST THING:KNOW HOW TO IMPROVISE!If an actor messes up, you need to know how to fix it! This happened on 2 nights of P&P during the Mr. Collins' scene. In order to improvise you must know your character thoroughly-it should come natural.It did for me, which is surprising. The only reason why i say this is because i hate improv games and always struggle coming up with a quick character.

I hope you enjoyed this quick bit. The next play is Jungle Book, which i hope to direct for. I have never directed and think this is the perfect opportunity since i'm a senior.

I also have many things going on in my life so i try and stay as dedicated as i can to my blog, polyvore, and making videos for my youtube channel. Sometimes though, i just can't because i don't have time. =(

I also have to think about my future, with is a tiring task.

There are so many possible routes i could go, and i would be a fool if i didn't choose a particular one, but i can't share until is is 100% certain. =) Most girls dream of it happening to them.If it does happen, then i might have to rethink everything i've wanted my whole highschool career.

I don't know what will happen though.

We'll See.

Layla <3

I Will Never Be The Same Without You♥

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Street Style

A Perfectly Good Heart♥

The Oscars && Polyvore LIVE

Christmas Haul 2011

Hey Guys! =D

Here is my christmas haul that i promised. I know it's kinda sorta a little late, but it's only because when i filmed this video last week i was on an extremely tight schedule with Pride & Prejudice rehearsals and performances.

Without further ado, here it is...

DISCLAIMER: I did not not make this video to purposely brag, i did so because because a few people requested it and because honestly, i love watching hauls. So if you're going to be offended then don't watch.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?