Monday, November 21, 2011

AMA's Style Review

So who watched the AMA's (American Music Awards) last
Their were some fabulous and well, some NOT so fabulous dresses.

My Favorites

I love Selena Gomez's dress! Sure it has a high slit, but i love the color and the fact that it has a train, makes up for the it.
Taylor Swift was beautiful as well last night! I loved her look and her dress was fabulous!

My favorite dress, however, goes to Kimberly from The Band Perry!The color is absolutely stunning, and you all know that i love poofy dresses!
My Not-So-Favorites

I usually love Katy's outfits(and i love her regular dress) but let's just say, she overkilled the color pink.
I mean, the hair, dress, and the GUITAR????
It's just waaayyyyy to much.
Christina's voice was stunning last night, and i think she made up for Adam Lavine's "lack"
last night.Her outfit, however, was not. Xtina is one of the most gorgeous gals out there, but this dress did not suit her at all!
Talk about wrong way to flaunt your curves.:/

Who do you think was best dressed???

Look for my AMA's look soon =)

The Statement Piece: Shirt

Everytime You Smile, I Smile

Kind of a random set haha!
As you can tell, i based it off of the shirt i found which i absolutely love!!!!!
I love the color(it's SO TDF!), and the cut. This is one of those much-sought-after statement pieces.
We all need statement pieces in our closet!
I mean, fashion is all about making a STATEMENT, right?

I Can Feel Them Flying Like A Hand Out The Window In The Wind

I Can Feel Them Flying Like A Hand Out The Window In The Wind

So the thing i love about winter...
Can you wear gloves in the summer?No!
Can you wear scarves?Well... actually yes. But in the winter they're easier to accesorize with.
All of the cute boots!
And don't even get me STARTED on berets...

So.... Q of the day: What is your favorite winter accessory?

It's Starting To Look Alot Like Christmas...

We'll Sing & Dance To All Of Nature's Songs

We'll Sing & Dance To All Of Nature's Songs

I am in LOVE with this coat!!! It is absolutely PERFECT for winter/fall! I also love these colors! =) <3

Sometimes I Wonder

So i apologize for lack of outfits (because, AFTER ALL, that IS what i do best =]) but what happened is polyvore what automatically post my outfits but it hasn't been doing so recently, and ever since i got my laptop back, it has been acting silly and needs to be updated with all these flash players and antivirus and such, and won't let me do anything that deems "at risk" for my computer. :/

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Music Review: In Between Dreams

I've decided to do my first CD review! =)

So let me say, i LOVE Jack Johnson! Ever since i first heard his song "Upside Down" in the Curious George movie, infact (which was so cute/sad).

This is his latest cd:In Between Dreams.

My favorite songs: Sitting, Wishing, Waiting, Good People, Banana Pancakes, and Better Together.

Good for people who: like the music they play in Starbucks or just other coffee shops.(also known as easy listening music)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pride & Prejudice

So most people are familiar with the extraordinaire(did i even spell that right? lol) novel Pride and Prejudice.

It is an amazing novel and if you havent read it or watched the movie, go do it now!

P&P is one of my favorite classic novels of all time, because it embodies many values and characteristics, and the characters are relatable, which is amazing because of the time period the book was written and because it was so long ago and we still love it!

I won't spoil the plot for you for those of you who havent read or watched it, because that sucks and i absolutely HATE when people do that!

Anywho, i have pretty big news (theatre wise)...


My school is doing the play and I GOT MRS. BENNET!