Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Coats & Jackets

Hey guys!
So today i thought i'd post about some of my favorite coats, jackets, and blazers!

I LOVE the fall time! I love outerwear probably more than any other type of clothing item!

Outerwear is just so classy, and makes you look clean cut and professional, and it makes me feel so energetic.What i don't like about outerwear, is the fact that California never will turn cold so i never get to wear it!!!!!!I need to go to New York, or somewhere cold! =)

All the coats above are designer and extremely over-priced, so i suggest that you buy a cheap lool-a-like at Forever21, Charlotte Russe, or somewhere else with decent deals. However, IF you are extremely wealthy, you can find them on

Which one is your favorite coat?

These are a bunch of my picks!

I've been thinking about doing a shoe collection video and also a outerwear collection video, so look for those soon!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Gray Dress

The Gray Dress

So gray is one of the top fall colors, and it probably always will be.

This dress is absolutely wonderful because of the design on the collar, because it's such a cute pattern, and also requires minimal jewelry. I definately wouldn't wear a necklace with a dress like this. It also will accentuate your bust line without showing TOO much (because God forbid, we don't want THAT, do we?). The cinchy belt makes it much more desirable as well, becuase it will make you look more slim. I absolutely LOVE cinchy belts and think that they can add flair to almost ANY outfit; they're a great investment.

My fashion post =)

I haven't done one in a while because i've just been busy (as you know) but i love fashion posts and they're my favorite kind of post.

What's your favorite fall color?

What is your favorite accesory?

(Besides cinchy belts i LOVE berets for fall=] )

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Long Time, No See!

Hey guys!

So as you've probably noticed i've been a little incognito latley. Sorry about that!

Like my last post, i have been trying to get back in the "school schedule".

This includes preparing for all the shows that are coming up, (Twelfth Night, Honk!, Pride & Prejudice, and the first choir concert). I guess you guys know i love fashion and beauty, but today and from now on i would like to share some acting and singing tips as well,and have you share some with me =).

So i am a Thespian in the International Thespian Society; this is a HUGE accomplishment and the base goal for my highschool career.At my school, you have to get 25 thespian points in order to become one, and BELIEVE ME, that is a lot harder than it sounds!

My favorite roles i have played so far (when i'm not doing technical stuff) are The Red Queen in Alice In Wonderland, Linda in Check, Please!,and Mrs. Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I've also been an "extra" or background person my freshman year. I love both acting and tech; there is so much fun and self-satisfaction in both aspects of theatre.

In acting, yes you get to be the center of attention, but it also builds character. For most people it's hard to go up on stage and perform, but honestly, i'm more scared when i don't get to perfom. Haha did that even make sense? Anywho, acting is wonderful and it's great to put yourself in someone else's shoes, escape yourself for a little while.

Tech is the basics for theatre though, the heart and soul even.Without the technicians, actores would be on a bare, dark stage naked singing with nothing to assist them acting. Now working backstage is one of the most STRESSFULL things ever! You have to basically be ninjas(literally). No noise is allowed, and when you're trying to move the set piece of a house in 30 seconds on stage and quiet and quick as possibe, it requires the skills of a ninja. Also during all the times you don't have anything to do, you're backstage bored. You can't text or use phones because the signal could infuse with the wireless mikes. To techies, actors have it easy. I can see their point, but being an actor is just as stressful. You could mess up and make a fool of yourself, and on top of that you have to memorize LOTS of lines in a matter of weeks, sometimes even days and hours.

So i guess under no circumstances is putting a theatre production together easy, but it is rewarding. When i come out to bow and i hear the thunderous applause of the audience, i know my job has been done. And the priceless hours after the performances where we all stay out till the wee hours of the morning produce lifelong bonds with castmates; those moments are priceless. I couldn't have asked for a funner highschool experince, even though this is my last year of highschool.

So anyways, what would you like to know about theatre, and ideas for videos would be great! I'm planning on making an outfit ideas video later, so plan on watchin out for it =D