Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Coats & Jackets

Hey guys!
So today i thought i'd post about some of my favorite coats, jackets, and blazers!

I LOVE the fall time! I love outerwear probably more than any other type of clothing item!

Outerwear is just so classy, and makes you look clean cut and professional, and it makes me feel so energetic.What i don't like about outerwear, is the fact that California never will turn cold so i never get to wear it!!!!!!I need to go to New York, or somewhere cold! =)

All the coats above are designer and extremely over-priced, so i suggest that you buy a cheap lool-a-like at Forever21, Charlotte Russe, or somewhere else with decent deals. However, IF you are extremely wealthy, you can find them on

Which one is your favorite coat?

These are a bunch of my picks!

I've been thinking about doing a shoe collection video and also a outerwear collection video, so look for those soon!


  1. All of those jackets are gorgeous! I just got mine from a fabulous online store called Harrison Fashion

  2. wow, I love coats :D
    First Grey, Brown, and Grey next to leather is what I love.

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