Saturday, July 30, 2011

Great Dresses For Colorblocking

So, i really like this new trend. It's so fun!

These are a few of my picks for "best items to colorblock with"

Great Dresses For Colorblocking

Mad Tea Party You Say?

My Harry Potter Wands

So here's the post i promised you guys earlier. Since i don't have my camera, i'll just get the pictures from the website. Also a wishlist at the end =)

My first item is my Narcissa Malfoy wand, which broke(so sad! =( ). It broke where the handle meets the wand. So the metal part closest to the wand is still attached, but not the pretty part.

The second thing that i have is the Gryffindor house scarf, which technically isn't Noble Collection because my mom knitted it for me, but still =)

The third wand i have is Hermione's wand, which i got on a theatre trip to Warner Bro. studios. I almost got Sirius's wand, the time turner, and Snape's wand, but i didn't have money for that, unfortunately.More info later though.

The last thing that i actually have is the Marauder's Map =)

Wish List!

The time turner is like, self explanatory. && also, since i almost bought this at Warner Bros(but used my better judgement), i totally want it. It's also really pretty just as jewelry, so i would wear it anyways.

This ring is really pretty and red&gold are my school colors, so i was thinking "Hmm.. instead of a class ring which is a rip-off(& i already have my lettermans jacket) why not? It's way cheaper and i like it ALOT more." lol
I just think the Mirror of Erised would be pretty to have in my room =)

I've actually wanted this for a while. I don't actually know WHY i want it, like every thing else i know i want and have a specific reason, but it's randomly one of those "gotta have it" things lol. Although i probably won't be gettin g it anytime soon since it's (i think) either $95 or$100.

Fleur Delacour's wand. It's so pretty, and is one of my favorite characters.

Sirius Black's wand is beautiful as well. I almost bought this too, but decided against it because someone else in our group bought it.(which i shouldn't have, but i did)

This is the final thing (for now) that i want.&& If you read my 10 Random facts tag, you'd know why since i love horses! This is what i had planned to buy from Warner Bros. because i thought that they would have had the whole collection,(although they didn't). I think i might get this for my birthday though.

And that is it. Someday when i have acssess to a camera( which should be monday night since my mom comes home with her laptop), i will show you everything in a picture, and try and film a few fashion videos. =)

Time To Get Rambunctious =D

So apparently i lied... i said i was going to do a harry potter wand collection but i went on polyvore instead... but, i couldn't control my urge! haha i guess i'll do my wand collection now since it souldn't take a long time, since i only have two. I guess i could show you the other two i want that i might get for my birthday =)

Time To Get Rambunctious

So i love funky matches, and this outfit is partly inspired by Disney's Shake It Up! && also by Sharpay's fabulous adventure, who both have pretty funky awesome outfits. && Also, i LOVE LOVE LOVEEE black and bright pink. =)

Friday, July 29, 2011

10 Facts && 10 Pictures

Ok, so i was GOING to make a video about this (and probably still will, eventually) but ever since i went on my trip to Montana i can't find my camera, and it's PROBABLY more than likely still in the trailer although i looked over A MILLION TIMES AND STILL CAN'T FIND IT!
Anyway,what i've been wanting to do is a 10 random facts tag.
So here you go.
(&& as an extra bonus, a picture since i can't do a video)


Fact 1: I'm a thespian in my schools' theatre troupe 4015. Although most of the thespians in my class became thespians their sophmore year, i only became one this year(so my senior year is the only year i'll be a thespian).I'm so honored to be a thespian!

Twelfth Night, Honk! the Musical, Pride & Prejudice, Sweeney Todd,and the Jungle Book!

Fact 2:I am ADDICTED to the computer game Sims 2. I've TRIED to play Sims3, but i just don't like the feel of it. And probably because i have all the expansion packs for TS2 and none for TS3.It's so much fun though! It's like having a iBarbie or doll on the computer. AND you can design clothes too if you have the right programs! If you download custom content, you can also play with makeup! See? Not ALL computer games are for nerds! :P

Fact 3: I REEEAAAAAAALLYYY want a pet peacock!My neighbors have one and it's so beautiful! This picture was actually from a peacock farm in Carlsbad, but it's SOOOOO beautiful! && did you know males are the pretty ones? They use their tail feathers to attract mates and ward off predators. Fact 4: I love horses! This is one of my real pets, Checkers. I also have 2 other horses named Barney & Dakota.Here she has her warpaint on for a reenactment that we do!

Fact 5: I am a true romantic. I am very picky about guys. I don't just go for every guy that comes my way, in fact, i've NEVER had a boyfriend. All the boys i know are extremely immature or major douche bags.I'm going to wait for my happily ever after. Sometimes that seems long, depressing, and like it may never happen, but all i can do is hope, and believe it will happen, because, i know it will someday. You know the saying:Best things come to those who wait.

Fact 6: I loooooveee the movie Tangled! It's the best movie i have seen in a long time!

Fact 7: I have trust issues because everyone i've ever trusted in the past has let me down. My walls are high, and sometimes i can't even get around them. Don't let that stop you though. Sometimes i do stupid things becaues i'm scared of getting hurt, and push people away because i'm trying to protect myself from getting hurt, which i've learned leads me to more hurt. I'm getting better though at trusting people, it's just a long process.

Fact 8: I wear glasses =)
Fact 9: I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan! I have 2 wands(Narcissa Malfoy's && Hermione Granger's) and the reason i pick this picture is because it's the day that Narcissa Malfoy's broke. =(I still have it, but the hand part broke off from the rest of my wand.

After this, i feel inspired to do a whole new post on my wand collection=)

Fact 10: I love vintage dresses from the Civil War era(and hats =D)and... well actually, i love any dress that has a hoop or crimoline included. As i always say, the poofier the better! =D

And that concludes my 10 Random Facts.Some of this stuff was a little hard for me to think about. I prefer if you don't judge me, because i am me, and there are things i don't neccesarily like so much, and other things i love, just like EVERYONE.

Any questions? Ask here or formspring me at

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid by PrincessLGP3LNC featuring Gold Sandals

So i love the Little Mermaid! Ariel is my favorite princess!

I also ADORE the broadway musical! It's literally amazing!

My favorite movies are Pocahontas, Mulan, The Little Mermaid,etc.

I have a lot! lol

(Because, really, who DOESN'T love a good Disney movie?)

So i have a question for you...

What is your favorite Disney movie?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Elle Fowler~AllThatGlitters21

Elle Fowler~AllThatGlitters21

One of my biggest role models. I don't care what anyone sais about them being insincere, liars, and rich spoiled brats with there nose jobs( i mena, it's there face, why should we really care what they do to themselves?). I love her personality and she seems super sweet in her videos. She also lves Harry Potter =D && is EXTEMELY talented with make-up, hair, and always wears cute outfits.

Fall Preview!

Fall Preview!

So although it's STILL summer, we have to start thinking about the cute fall outfits we're going to rock the school hallways, offices, or wherever you are.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Someday I'll Be Livin' In A Big Ol' City

Hey guys! How are you doing on this very fine day?

Someday I'll Be Livin' In A Big Ol' City

I love Taylor Swift. This outfit was inspired by her. She is so beautiful and sweet, but isn't afraid to let people know how she feels!Plus, her style is amazing: Country && Pretty mixed together.

I made a haul video, BUT! my computer won't upload, because apparently it takes 4000 minutes!

So now i have to wait until my mom gets home from her trip next week!

It SUCKS because i was soooooooooooooo excited to show you my new buys!

&& I also made a review about the movies Soul Surfer, Winnie The Pooh, && Just Go With It!

Anyways,, have a great day guys!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Closet Shopping

Hey Guys!

So here are a few peices from my closet that i thought i'd show you!

This is from Charlotte Russe(9th grade Back To School shopping) and i love it!What i love about it is you can dress it up or down, comfy-casual, or dressy. It goes along with the animal print trend, although it's from a few years ago. Although i am not the one to follow trends, i wear what i want.

I got this skirt Sophmore year 2 years ago from Forever 21(Go class of 2012 :D),and this is one of my favorite peices. It's black and white stried, if you can't tell(I seriously need a new camera!). I also love the ruffles, because it adds great flair! I often like to wear this with a black shirt(tucked under the skirt) with a cinchy belt.

I got this vest/shrug at JC Penny's in 9th grade! It's perfect for one of those days where you want to look cute but want to have a lazy/comfy day. It dresses a black(as i prefer) tank top, but i think you can wear almost ANY color with it. You can't see the detailing as well, but it has so crochet-looking detail in the front. Up close, you can also see threads of blue, yellow, and red woven through the creme.

This creme dress is actually what i got when i went to Knotts Berry Farm! They have this whole entire western/vintage area of the park. I want into one of the shops in 8th grade and fell in love with this dress! Since you can't really see all the details, it doesn't look as pretty, but up close it has all this lace. I feel so beautiful when i wear it!

This shrug is from Tilly's. I think i got it when i was in 6th grade? haha a long time ago. Anywho, i love this green. I also love the sequins that are sewn it it! It adds a little more "Bam" than it would if it didn't have the sequins. I also love to wear it with the dress below.

This dress is from Anchor Blue and i bought it summer going into my freshman year. I love the pattern!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Best Body Scrub Ever!! Quick Blog

So, i am an AVID follower of the Fowler sisters (Elle & Blair-the youtube beauty gurus) and i absolutely love this video that Elle put up on how to get glowy skin =) I tried the one in this video and my skin feels great!You should check it out and try it!

P.S. I will probably do some DIY- hair remedies soon!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Claire Lyons- 7/2/11

Claire Lyons- 7/2/11

Claire Lyons- 7/2/11 by PrincessLGP3LNC featuring beaded jewelry

Do guys...


I'm going to do an official blog soon on it, and also a haul that is from two days ago. I just have to get my camera memory card from my friend =)