Friday, February 10, 2012

Trend: Being Green For Spring

Trend: Being Green For Spring

There is nothing better than feeling green for spring!

Green is a very natural color, and is very soothing, or serene, to wear. It looks good on almost everyone, and represents recycling and doing good for the earth.

One way to revamp your spring wardrobe is to donate your old clothes or put them on consignment! Many people will wear them, and you can make a profit from them to buy some newer clothes.

Another thing i like are the TOMS shoes. They are made out of recycled material, plus they're comfy.

The last thing i'm going to say is recycle! Make sure you recycle any plastics, glasses, papers, or metals. (HINT: Save bottles and cans and turn them into a recycle plant; some places pay money by the pound)

What are your green tips?