Saturday, July 16, 2011

Closet Shopping

Hey Guys!

So here are a few peices from my closet that i thought i'd show you!

This is from Charlotte Russe(9th grade Back To School shopping) and i love it!What i love about it is you can dress it up or down, comfy-casual, or dressy. It goes along with the animal print trend, although it's from a few years ago. Although i am not the one to follow trends, i wear what i want.

I got this skirt Sophmore year 2 years ago from Forever 21(Go class of 2012 :D),and this is one of my favorite peices. It's black and white stried, if you can't tell(I seriously need a new camera!). I also love the ruffles, because it adds great flair! I often like to wear this with a black shirt(tucked under the skirt) with a cinchy belt.

I got this vest/shrug at JC Penny's in 9th grade! It's perfect for one of those days where you want to look cute but want to have a lazy/comfy day. It dresses a black(as i prefer) tank top, but i think you can wear almost ANY color with it. You can't see the detailing as well, but it has so crochet-looking detail in the front. Up close, you can also see threads of blue, yellow, and red woven through the creme.

This creme dress is actually what i got when i went to Knotts Berry Farm! They have this whole entire western/vintage area of the park. I want into one of the shops in 8th grade and fell in love with this dress! Since you can't really see all the details, it doesn't look as pretty, but up close it has all this lace. I feel so beautiful when i wear it!

This shrug is from Tilly's. I think i got it when i was in 6th grade? haha a long time ago. Anywho, i love this green. I also love the sequins that are sewn it it! It adds a little more "Bam" than it would if it didn't have the sequins. I also love to wear it with the dress below.

This dress is from Anchor Blue and i bought it summer going into my freshman year. I love the pattern!

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  1. the skirt & the last dress is cute :) i wanna see an ootd post lol