Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Harry Potter Wands

So here's the post i promised you guys earlier. Since i don't have my camera, i'll just get the pictures from the website. Also a wishlist at the end =)

My first item is my Narcissa Malfoy wand, which broke(so sad! =( ). It broke where the handle meets the wand. So the metal part closest to the wand is still attached, but not the pretty part.

The second thing that i have is the Gryffindor house scarf, which technically isn't Noble Collection because my mom knitted it for me, but still =)

The third wand i have is Hermione's wand, which i got on a theatre trip to Warner Bro. studios. I almost got Sirius's wand, the time turner, and Snape's wand, but i didn't have money for that, unfortunately.More info later though.

The last thing that i actually have is the Marauder's Map =)

Wish List!

The time turner is like, self explanatory. && also, since i almost bought this at Warner Bros(but used my better judgement), i totally want it. It's also really pretty just as jewelry, so i would wear it anyways.

This ring is really pretty and red&gold are my school colors, so i was thinking "Hmm.. instead of a class ring which is a rip-off(& i already have my lettermans jacket) why not? It's way cheaper and i like it ALOT more." lol
I just think the Mirror of Erised would be pretty to have in my room =)

I've actually wanted this for a while. I don't actually know WHY i want it, like every thing else i know i want and have a specific reason, but it's randomly one of those "gotta have it" things lol. Although i probably won't be gettin g it anytime soon since it's (i think) either $95 or$100.

Fleur Delacour's wand. It's so pretty, and is one of my favorite characters.

Sirius Black's wand is beautiful as well. I almost bought this too, but decided against it because someone else in our group bought it.(which i shouldn't have, but i did)

This is the final thing (for now) that i want.&& If you read my 10 Random facts tag, you'd know why since i love horses! This is what i had planned to buy from Warner Bros. because i thought that they would have had the whole collection,(although they didn't). I think i might get this for my birthday though.

And that is it. Someday when i have acssess to a camera( which should be monday night since my mom comes home with her laptop), i will show you everything in a picture, and try and film a few fashion videos. =)

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  1. OMG you're a big Harry Potter fan! hahah I love the movies and the books, and I used to have a wand that my mum made me, but now I don't know where is it hahah