Saturday, May 7, 2011

AP US History & My Week

Hi guys!

So i guess i havent been blogging in a while! I mean so much has been going on and i havent really had the time to channel everything in. I can start now because not only are my biggest issues taken off my shoulders and stresses are somewhat relieved, i can relax and just lay back a little, maybe sip some nice ice tea by the pool. The thought relaxes me now =)

Anyways, yesterday was my first AP test for US history. I have to admit, it was WAYYY more easy than i suspected. Some things were really random and sort of off the wall, but other than that, I CAN NOT BELIEVE I WAS THAT STRESSED! Well, it's only because it's a hundred dollars to take and you can't throw that kinda money down the toilet to fail, haha.

Another thing that has taken a toll on me is me being sick. I had (the last week and a half) a sinus infection and an ear infection! i know that they are generally the same thing, but this was totally different apparently! And the thing that sucks is i have musical theatre finals, where we have to provide a scene/musical number from any musical. The worst part though is that i missed choir auditions. =( My voice was totally dead, and it still kinda is =/. If any of you have lost your voices who sing or are in theatre or choir, you KNOW how devistating this can be!

Last but not least, my troupe's theatre elections are coming up, and sceduled 1 WEEK ahead of time, and they were supposed to be in two weeks! I still need to write my speech! And on top of that, the fact that i've been sick and absent will probably affect my chances of being elected. You know, i want this SO bad, but if it doesn't work out, than i guess it doesn't.

Other worries on my mind just mainly include summer stuff because i usually have my plans solidated by now already and some thinds are still iffy =/ but things look likey are starting to come together.

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