Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lovely Coats: 2nd Edition

So since fall/winter are my favorite seasons, i thought i'd do another post like this with coats from my favorite fashion website, Polyvore! =)

I'll start with the cheaper ones haha.

This coat is the MissSelfridge(one of my FAVORITE online stores ever)
This is the "Rust Collarless Frill Mac" and is on sale for $71 right now (in U.S. money)
Better get your credit cards ready for some christmas shopping! =)

This next coat is also from MissSelfridge, the " Braid Trim Coat " for $94. I'm not quite sure if it's on sale or not, sorry. =(

I love the colors of the 2 MissSelfridge coats. Great statement pieces for when you're feeling too lazy to dress up.
This is one of the more expensive coats, because it it is from the designer Michael Kors.
This is the staple coat everyone needs in their closet. Not neccesarily this one, but a black coat. I love double breasted coats; they're a classic. This is the "Long Military Trench" which retails for $350.

This also happens to be one of those "statement" coats because of the collar cut and the ribbon used as a belt. This lovely coat is the "Kellywing Jessy Wrap Coat" which is approxamently $290
I absolutely j'adore this next wrap! This is also one of those coats that you can look effortless in.
(HINT:Add a statement necklace and knee-length slouchy boots)
This is by Elle Tahari and is the "Hooded Wrap Coat" which is $550
To save the best for the last (but really, they're all wonderful, aren't they???) is this perfectly lovely/elegant coat by Azzadine Ala "Double Breasted Coat" which costs....(wait for it) $16,600
But desirable nonetheless.
As i end this post i am off to look for a cheaper version/knockoff of this coat.

What did you think of this post? I LOVE coats! They are so feminine and a wintertime outfit would not be complete without a coat or jacket.

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  1. I love coats, the second one is probably my favourite!
    xx, Kels