Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back-2-School 2011 Look 1

Back-2-School 2011 Look 1

Back-2-School 2011 Look 1 by princesslgp3lnc featuring colorful purses

I don't know about you guys, but school starts for me on Monday (the 22nd)!

I'm really excited but also nervous because i'm going into my last year of highschool.

Anywho, i've been thinking alot about what i'm going to wear.

I'm thinking transitionwise, why not wear shorts with a cardigan? It balances off the summer-fall teeter totter with the long sleeves and the shorts. I love cardigans! They're great to wear when it's not to hot out, or it's a little bit chilly. Also, who doesn't love a colorful bag? It's a GREAT way to showcase your fun personality! =)

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