Monday, March 21, 2011

The Ultimate About Me Survey

Here's a little survey before i really get started blogging =)

Name:Lauren or Layla

Date of Birth: August 29th 1993


Current Location:Pssshh I'm not telling you stalkers! =)

Eye Color:Blue

Hair Color:Reddish Brown



Piercings:My ears =)

Tattoos:I wish!I'd get a flower on my shoulder.


Band/Singer:Hmm...I have multiple.I love Julie Andrews,Taylor Swtift,Katy Perry and Lea Salonga.(I love musicals!)

Song:I don't have ONE!WHO COULD POSSIBLY HAVE ONLY ONE???haha my top songs (according to iTunes)are "Speak Now" by Taylor Swift & "On The Radio" by Regina Spektor

Movie: Gone With The Wind

Disney Movie:Tangled!haha actually i have more than one,and the other movies would have to be Pocahontas,Mulan,The Lion King,Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs & Sleeping Beauty...but i love Disney movies...

TV show: Glee or Gossip Girl

Color: PINK!

Food:Orange Chicken!

Pizza topping: Sausage,but i love the Veggie lovers the most.

Ice-Cream Flavor: Cookie Dough!

Soda:Dr. Pepper!

Store:Target!!!!That place is amazing! Or Juicy Couture!

Clothing Brand: H&M

Shoe Brand:I don't have a specific brand,i just buy shoes that are cute!

Season: Summer!


Holiday/Festival:My Birthday!Does that count?hehe jk Christmas

Flower: Roses(ANY color!)

Make-Up Item: Eyeshadow

Board game: Monopoly or Life(It's been an ongoing battle for me since 2nd grade)

This or That

Sunny or rainy: Sunny!The sky is happy =)

Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate!

Fruit or veggie:Fruit!

Night or day:Hmmm......I love both but i'd have to say day.Before noon is the best!

Sour or sweet:Sweet,DUH!

Love or money:Well,money will evetually lead to love.

Phone or in person: In Person!

Looks or personality:personality,but there has to be some physical attraction

Coffee or tea: Coffee

Hot or cold:cold!I can't stand when it's too hot!


Goal for this year:Get in shape!

Most missed memory: Montana 2009!

Best physical feature: My face & hair!

First thought waking up: "What am i going to wear today?"or "I have to pee!" lol

Hypothetical personality disorder:ADD

Preferred type of plastic surgery:Eyebrow lift

Sesame street alter ego:Elmo

Fairytale alter ego:Rapunzel because i'm always cooped up and i just want to get out and live

Worst crime:giving my heart to someone who never cared

Greatest ambition:to become rich

Greatest fear:Heights=/

Darkest secret:Um,i don't have any dark secrets.

Favorite subject:history!

Strangest received gift:Hmm...i havent recieved anything strange lol

Worst habit: Interrupting people

Do You:

Smoke: Eww,no.

Drink:Dr.Pepper?Heck yes!

Curse: Ehh i try not to

Shower daily:Yes

Like thunderstorms:Not when i'm camping! But kindof.

Dance in the rain:Sometimes

Sing: YES!

Play an instrument:Well,i try...I used to play the violin

Get along with your parents:Yes.

Wish on stars:Yeah

Believe in fate: It depends...

Believe in love at first sight:To a certain extent

Can You:

Drive: Illegally lol


Cook: Sometimes.

Speak another language:Not Fluently

Dance: Yes.

Sing:Eh,maybe.I guess?

Touch your nose with your tongue:No =( haha

Whistle:Half the time

Curl your tongue: Taco tongue?No.I'm not THAT coordinated!

Have You Ever:

Been Drunk:No =/

Been Stoned/High:No=/

Eaten Sushi:No...but i want too...

Been in Love:No,not with someone loving me back.='(

Skipped school: Guilty

Made prank calls:No,but i've been with friends telling them what to say lol

Sent someone a love letter:Yeah lol.Stupidist mistake ever!(stupid 6th grade me)

Stolen something:No

Cried yourself to sleep:Yes

Other Questions:

What annoys you most in a person?When the have bad hygiene

Are you right or left handed? Right=)

What is your bedtime? Whenever i want but usually sometimes between 10 and 11.

Name three things you can't live without: Internet,Ipod and Cellphone

What is the color of your room?White,pink,yellow and brown lol

Do you have any siblings? 2:a younger brother and sister

Do you have any pets? Yupp.I have 2 dogs,3 horses, and a goldfish

Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars? IDK.

What is you middle name? Nicole

What are you nicknames? Layla

Are you for or against gay marriage? I honestly don't care...

What are your thoughts on abortion? I think that a child should not be brought into this world if it will have a life of emotional pain

Do you have a crush on anyone?Yes =)

Are you afraid of the dark?No.

How do you want to die? I don't know,i don't want to think about that yet =/

What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten on one day?3 lol

Would you take a bullet for the one you love? Yeah

What is the last law you’ve broken? I don't know,i don't try and break laws

In a Member of the Opposite Sex:

Hair color: Blonde or brunette

Eye color:blue or green

Height:Taller or the same height as me



Most important physical feature:Face & hair

Biggest turn-off:BAD HYGIENE!

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